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How Calton Hill Dental’s Team Can Help Overcome Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Child’s Dental Anxiety

Does your child have a fear of the dentist? Are you at a loss with how to help them overcome their fear of the dentist? Our children’s dentists in Gympie are experienced with dental anxiety, and we want to help you learn how to overcome their fear of the dentist.

The First Visit

At Calton Hill Dental, our approach to childrens’ dentistry is all about making their first visit a positive experience. At your child’s first consultation, we will take all the time we need to ensure they feel comfortable and safe. We will assess their teeth, mouth, and gums and work with you on the best management plan moving forward. 

How can our kid dentists in Gympie can help your child’s fear of the dentist?

Regular Check Ups

After their first visit, we highly recommend regular dental visits, at least every 6 months. This way, your child can become familiar with our dental team and build a trusting relationship with their dentist. The more frequent the visits – the less scary the dentist seems.

Setting a Good Example

Kids are copycats, and at our children’s dentistry service in Gympie, we encourage parents to set a good example. If you maintain good oral hygiene and encourage positive behaviour, your child is more likely to do the same. If you are scared of the dentist, your child will pick up on that and mirror that fear. Talk to your dentist at Calton Hill Dental today for further advice on dental anxiety.

Fast Recovery

With children especially, we don’t use stitches. We utilise the latest digital technology to reduce the number of visits required for a specific treatment and ensure your child has a fast recovery. 

Pain Free & Child Safe Happy Gas

Our team of dedicated kid dentists in Gympie want your child and family to feel safe and comfortable at the dentist. To make procedures as painless and smooth as possible, we offer special happy gas, safe for your children. Your sedation dentist will discuss the options with you, but while your child is still tentative, sedation dentistry may be the best option.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can take the stress out of your family dentist visits, without putting your child’s dental health at risk. Sedation can help your child relax, and your sedation dentist will talk you through the different options available. 

Not only will this help your child, but it will make your life easier as a parent. Getting your kids out of the house for a dentist visit is one thing, but keeping them calm in the dental chair is a whole different ball park.

We want your child’s experience with the dentist to be positive, as regular visits are essential for maintaining proper dental hygiene. Call us today to discuss the options for your child’s next visit to Calton Hill Dental in Gympie.

Clinic Hour
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