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Got a hole in your mouth? 

Lasting White

Calton Hill Dental uses dental amalgam fillings, providing that long lasting white smile

Fits Like A Shoe

Being a mercury free dentistry eases safety concerns later down the track of your dental health

Just A Pinch

Before we commence the procedure we might have to use some effective numbing agent

A Smile You Will Love

Due to our use of amalgam fillings, you will hardly be able to tell the difference

Australian Made

All our aligners are high quality Australian made

Payment Plans

Various payment plans and options available to get you sorted with a new smile

Here Is Our

Solution To Filling Those Holes

At your first consultation, we will assess your mouth and suggest the most suitable next step if fillings are required, one that fits within your timeline and budget.

What Are

Dental Fillings in Gympie

Judging by the number of dentists and patients rejecting amalgam fillings, official reassurances about mercury in a dental setting appear to have been met with a degree of scepticism.

This has led to the rise of mercury-free dentistry. our Gympie Dentists at Calton Hill Dental use only white, composite fillings. They’ll also remove old amalgam fillings for patients with health concerns about mercury – using an air filtration system to minimise mercury vapours.

Some of the most prominent benefits of mercury free fillings

In response to potential health issues, some dentists have stopped using fillings containing mercury.

Although dental authorities have said the risk is minimal, amalgam fillings still trigger public apprehension.

Anxiety centres on the toxic properties of mercury, which has led to a decline in amalgam fillings – silver fillings – in favour of mercury-free composite fillings. Concerns have also been raised about allergic reactions to dental amalgam.

What To Expect From

Dental Fillings in Gympie

The World Health Organization (WHO) says inhaling mercury vapours can be fatal, damaging immune, digestive and nerve systems, and kidneys and lungs. And the salts in mercury can burn eyes and skin.

Health information resource Healthdirect says the small amount of mercury in amalgam fillings is safe for most people. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) agrees, but advises minimising dental amalgam for children, kidney disease patients, and breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Why do amalgam fillings have mercury?

Mercury is the main single component of amalgam. This is because it’s uniquely able to bind together other metals in the filling material – silver, copper and tin – to create a putty-like substance that hardens quickly.

The composite alternative

Composite fillings are made with glass and plastic polymers. They’re also called white fillings because of their tooth-coloured properties. The composite procedure includes use of a special blue light to harden the filling.

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