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things to do during dental emergency

By definition, an emergency occurs when you’re not expecting it and this is especially true for dental emergencies such as sudden toothaches or dental accidents. While you cannot anticipate when it might happen, it can help to be a little bit prepared. So, here’s what to do during a dental emergency according to dentists.

Firstly, what is considered a dental emergency?

It is normal for some patients to feel confused about whether or not their situation is an emergency. Some of the most common conditions that require emergency dental care are:

  • Toothaches
  • Severe jaw or gum pain
  • Wisdom teeth pain 
  • Swelling of the face or gums
  • Persistent bad breath or taste in the mouth (possible sign of infection)
  • Knocked-out or loosened tooth 
  • Broken tooth 
  • Dental injuries
  • Dental abscess (pus-filled bumps in the mouth)
  • Bleeding post-surgery
  • Broken fillings or dental restorations

If in doubt, contact an emergency dentist for advice anyway. Most of the time, reception over the phone will be able to help clarify whether or not you need emergency dental care.

Try to remain calm as possible

If you are in severe pain, discomfort and experiencing a dental emergency like any of the conditions described above, try your best to be as calm as possible. It is natural for people to experience shock during emergencies, however, increased stress levels can impair your judgment and make you feel even worse. To calm yourself, take a few deep breaths, and remember that the majority of dental emergencies can be resolved or treated by quickly seeing a dentist. Now, you’re ready to take action.

Quickly assess the extent of your condition or injury

If you can, take a moment to have a look at the affected area of your mouth, teeth or jaw so that you can get an idea of what has happened. You don’t need to spend too much time doing this as the emergency dentist will conduct a professional evaluation of your condition anyway. It can, however, be helpful to explain the details of any visible damage you have sustained to the emergency dental clinic over the phone in advance so they can prepare for when you arrive.

Knocked out or loosened tooth: If you have knocked out a tooth, retrieve the tooth and see if you can slip it back into the socket of your gums. If it needs to be cleaned, give it a quick rinse with water before attempting this. If you cannot put the tooth back into the socket because of pain, or the tooth is in pieces, place it in a small jar of milk or water. The sooner you see an emergency dentist, the better your chances are of having the tooth reinserted back in place.

Get to a local emergency dentist in Gympie as soon as you can

As mentioned throughout the article, quick action is key when dealing with a dental emergency. So if you are in Gympie, be sure to contact an emergency dentist nearby in Gympie. If you require urgent dental care outside of your local clinic’s operating hours, contact an after-hours dentist or visit a dental hospital.

Do not delay due to financial worries – payment plans are available

Do not delay seeing the dentist due to concerns over how much a dental emergency costs. Delaying treatment can lead to severe pain or dental damage that requires more expensive treatments. In the worst cases, leaving a dental emergency untreated can lead to irreversible damage and even fatalities. At Calton Hill Dental, our emergency dentist in Gympie offers a range of payment plan options so that all patients can get the care they need as soon as possible.

Ask about sedation options if you experience dental phobia or anxiety

Calton Hill Dental, an emergency dental clinic in Gympie uses sedation to provide pain-free treatments. Sedation used by our dentists helps to relax and calm anxious patients when receiving emergency treatments. It is safe, effective and child-friendly. If you experience dental anxiety or phobia or find yourself especially nervous because of your emergency situation, be sure to ask the dentist about pain-free treatment options.

Reliable Emergency Dentist in Gympie

Reliable Emergency Dentist in Gympie

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, or are seeking an emergency dentist in Gympie to save in your contacts, Calton Hill Dental is a reliable local dental clinic in Gympie that offers emergency dental services. To learn more about our dental practice, or book an appointment, give us a call on (07) 5482 4442 or view our contact options on our website.

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